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Editable portion of brochure PDFs.Free materials to help your business — and your clients

Illinois REALTORS® RVOICE program works directly with legislators and local officials, and it produces handouts that can be used with clients and others interested in private property rights and real estate. These handouts are a free member benefit.

Most RVOICE handouts are customizable—with a form field in the lower, right corner of the last page of the document, above the Illinois REALTORS® logo. Right-click the link to download the file to your computer. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat, and fill in the form field with your name, company name, and company contact information. You can hit a "return" to have multiple lines of content. Save and print the flyer to have a branded handout for your clients.

  • A Guide to Property Management and
    Residential Rentals

    This guide is intended to provide members of Illinois REALTORS® with an overview and description of some of the principal laws and regulations that exist in the realm of residential rental property management.

    Available for download only;
    updated June 2013 
  • Buying a Condominium? Do Your Homework First

    Buying a CondoHighlights issues potential buyers should be familiar with before buying a condominium including physical management, assessments, monthly fees and condo association rules.

    Available for download only
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Understanding the Law Requiring Installation

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your HomeExplains the law's main requirements for homeowners, identifies responsibilities for homeowners, identifies responsibilities of landlords and tenants and offers helpful resources.

    Available for download only
  • Commercial Broker Liens

    What You Should Know About Commercial Real Estate Broker Liens - NEW!  This brochure provides basic information on the State law which gives real estate brokers the right to a lien on commercial real estate to secure fees and commissions due to them.

    For printed copies:
  • Getting It Sold - Your Resource for Staging Curb Appeal and Selling Success!

    This brochure helps consumers prepare their home for sale with tips on curb appeal, staging, showing, and updating a home for selling success. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression and the same holds true for selling a home. 

    Available for download only.
  • Homeownership: How Much Can I Afford

    How much mortgage can I afford?This guide helps clients determine whether they can qualify and be approved for a mortgage loan to purchase a home. It describes what you need to know about affordability, mortgages, and closing costs.

    Available for download only
  • Homeownership: Understanding the
    Costs of Owning A Home

    This handout is a guide to help you understand the costs of owning a home beyond the mortgage and taxes and how to budget for them.

    Available for download only
  • REALTOR® Community Activist Toolkit

    This informs members on how to be a local “watch-dog” and get involved in local government budget development.

    For printed copies:
  • Requirements for Septic Systems Owners

    Requirements for Septic System OwnersThis guide explains recent changes to the Private Sewage Disposal Code and how these changes affect property owners served by a septic system. You'll also find a summary of changes regarding maintenance and record-keeping requirements for septic system owners. 

    Available for download only
  • Special Service Areas (SSAs): What You Should Know as a Property Owner, Small Business Owner, Commercial Developer

    Provides key facts about the Special Service Area Law and what property owners should know about their rights when an SSA is being proposed. This publication is useful for property owners, business owners, and commercial developers.

    Available for download only
  • Special Service Areas (SSAs): What You Should Know Before Buying a Home

    Outlines for new-home buyers the purposes, infrastructure costs, assessment collection methods and more associated with special taxing districts. This publication is useful for consumers interested in buying a new home.

    Available for download only
  • What You Should Know About Property Taxes
    in Black and White

    Understand what is involved in the property taxation process, plus an Illinois homeowner's rights, assessment information, tax cycles and exemptions.

    Available for download only.
  • Zoning: The Basics You Should Know

    Zoning brochureDescribes local government regulation that determines how private property is used by the owners. It includes consumer information on zoning districts, demolition, rezoning, use restrictions and more.

    Available for download only