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Bettering the Industry for All

For more than a century, Illinois REALTORS® have fought to make sure they provide the best representation for property buyers and sellers. That's why Illinois REALTORS® adhere to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, a set of rules that in addition to state regulations. Illinois REALTORS® Professional Standards Department works with local REALTOR® associations, members and consumers to enhance professionalism by providing resources to address complaints. The association offers two options to help resolve disputes.

Consumer / REALTOR® Dispute Resolution

For members of the public it sometimes helps to have someone knowledgeable about real estate practices to answer basic questions or work to resolve minor disputes. Illinois REALTORS® has a team of Ombudsmen who work with consumers and REALTORS® to resolve disputes.

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Ethics Citation Program

Illinois REALTORS® operate under the REALTOR® Code of Ethics which outlines standards of professional practice. If a dispute arises with a REALTOR® regarding specific Code provisions, it will be reviewed by a Illinois REALTOR® panel specializing in ethical standards.

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Professional Standards Toolkit

Illinois REALTORS®' experts help you to avoid ethical pitfalls and share best practices as part of an ongoing commitment to training members. 

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